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Trump is Trying to Flip DPRK

Donald Trump & KJU or DPRK in Singapore

This is a movie Trump showed Kim at their summit. A couple of points the average reader may not readily see. It was well known that Kim’s father was a huge movie buff and loved Hollywood. So much so, he tried to emulate it in DPRK. They even used some American defectors in these Kabuki (Japanese reference I know) style movies.

The current Kim is the same. Why has Trump been saying nice things about Kim since the summit? And why have the Left been hostile to his words? Simple. We all know Kim and the upper levels of DPRK leadership consume ALL US media. Constantly. Sports. News. Gossip. Talk shows. Etc. Side note, when we mention certain countries on our blog, we see an increase in cyber attacks from same counties.

Bottom line: Trump is trying to flip Kim the way Nixon flipped China away from Russia. And the angle is obvious: money. Real money. International money. Trade and capitalism money.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is still in power in China. But China is NOT a communist country any longer. DPRK has a thriving black market (capitalism) that basically keep the elites and connected well-heeled.

We are no-where near having this happen. But watching this video, we can see Trump isn’t really trying to get rid of Kim’s nukes. He’s trying to win the whole game. Communism is dead. That battle is lost. China and Russia have moved on while satellite nations are still holding the pauper’s bag.

Trump is playing for major stakes here. And he has the credibility for one reason: Trump WILL kill Kim if pushed into a corner. But Trump is doing the moral move: Extending the hand of friendship and peace one last time. With the understanding…whatever happens next…is on Kim.

This is power diplomacy. I am legitimately impressed.

And what about the Chinese? They are likely freaking the f**k out today. You doubt this last statement? Know this: When Kim takes generals and puts them in front of anti-aircraft cannons to blow them apart. It’s because they have been talking to the Chinese intelligence services. Not the CIA.





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