Video — My Argument for the Forward Assist

This is something I have thought for quite sometime. I have carried weapons as a hobby. I have carried weapons for sport. And I have carried weapons as part of my job.

In the real world, stuff goes sideways. Major stuff. Minor stuff. I have never understood two aspects of the argument against the forward assist:

One, why limit your options? Nobody is advocating using the forward assist during a malfunction clearance drill. Second, why this entire debate is frequently shrouded in arrogance and elitism?

The cool kids never knock a weapon out of battery? Never, ever? Are these the same folks who claim they never drop guns? Or never fall down? Or never slip on ice? Or trip on the step? Bang a rifle getting out of a vehicle?

OK. Fine. You’re perfect. But let’s be real, the world isn’t going to spin out of control if somebody has a forward assist on their rifle.


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