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Walker’s In-Ear Pro Initial Test

Walker's Hearing Protection
Walker's Hearing Protection

For years I have put off getting some in-ear electronic plugs. Mostly because it was a “nice to have”, but my current ear-pro muffs are pretty good. 

But…I saw some for sale on-line and thought it was time. My justification for these? Frankly it was price. They were the most expensive and…I had heard of the brand. Is that a smart way to spend hundreds of dollars? Probably not. But it’s my real world. 

So what are my thoughts on these? 

The jury is still out. I suspect they might be better for a hunter who needs one shot or maybe two. But for repeated blasting with a high-pressure rifle? I dunno. 

I’m not confident enough in them to try that. But I’ll confirm the battery’s are good, and play when them some more. As of this writing, I am not confident these would protect my ears from a single blast of 270WBY. 

We aren’t gear testers. But I will try to do a follow up on these before the end of summer. Or not. I am very busy. And don’t have time or patience to chase function. 

Stay tuned. 






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