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Walther PPQ 45


Why you ask? 

I forgot we owned this. Just this morning while working in my office I found these photos of a Walther PPQ 45. But looking at them, I’m thinking they aren’t part of the Second Hand Showcase Series (SHS). What are these? What gun shop is this?

Then it hits me! I was traveling and found this barely used PPQ with a couple mags, box a papers for a good price. I also believe I probably posted about it on social media, but nothing official on the website. 

Walther PPQ 45

Obviously since I forgot we owned it, I can’t say how it shoots. But off the top of my head, here is what I recall:

  • It’s a really big handgun. 
  • I recall it feeling top heavy unloaded. 
  • It has a lighter trigger than our VP9’s. 
  • The trigger break point is much further in than a VP. 
  • Personally I wish it had European style mag levers. 
  • It’s so big, I should say it twice. 

As I big guy, I have no problems carrying bigger guns. I HAVE and enjoyed carrying a Glock 21 AIWB. So with that being being, mentally I recall this gun is bigger than the 21. 

If we can just get the pistol pit to dry out, the dozers can push the gravel down and we can shoot some video!






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