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What’s Up With The Cannon?

Howitzer Nitro West Virginia
The front of the howitzer.

Confession time. Occasionally stop in Nitro West Virginia on my way to the East Coast. Which in itself isn’t a big deal. But every time I drive past the local McDonald’s and Dollar General, there sits a howitzer. 

And while it is reasonable to assume this is there for a purpose, I can’t quite figure out what. 

The location doesn’t seem to be a municipal park or monument. And the lot doesn’t currently have any veteran organizations or buildings on it. In actuality, the lot looks empty. 

Questions always creep into my mind:

  • Why is the cannon there?
  • Is the cannon for sale?
  • Could we buy it and place it on the John1911 range?

So…if anyone happens to know what the deal is with the cannon in Nitro West Virginia, drop me a note or leave a comment. We might be interested. 





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