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Why a Lighting Link is Not a Good Buy

Lighting Link vs Transferable Receiver
Lighting Link

So…you want to get into the NFA game, eh? And obviously your first choice is to look for machine-gun options for the most popular rifle in The United States. The AR-15. 

Can’t argue with that logic one bit. But…it’s a tight market. The M16 and it’s registered NFA items bring top dollar with today’s Class III dealers. So…what are the cheaper options for getting a transferrable NFA M16? 

Sooner or later you will run across a product called a Lighting Link. Without getting into all the details, it’s some parts that drop in between your AR trigger pack and the bolt carrier group. It mimics full-auto fire. 

Lighting Link vs Transferable Receiver
You want a M4? Here’s a M4 machine gun you can own.

Well…mimics is not the correct word. It interrupts your AR’s disconnector process which makes the gun run in full auto. So no select fire. No 3-round burst. Full open all the time. And yes, there are legal, NFA registered, Lighting Link sets, that you can own. They also tend to be cheaper than fully transferrable M16’s. 

Or are they?

Included in this article are some pictures of NFA registered lighting links and their sale prices. Also included are some transferrable M16’s. Some are Colt made. Some are not. The Colt’s bring the most money. But in today’s day and age of high end AR’s, are we really obsessed on Colt any longer? 

Lighting Link vs Transferable Receiver
Don’t know why this Lighting Link set seem to be missing a part.

So what’s my point you ask? Simple. If you have ever fired a full-auto 5.56 AR? Burst or full open? How controllable was that? Not very, if you are honest. So…you want to pay big bucks for the privilege of a one-trick-pony rifle? 

To my thinking, that’s what you get with the lighting link. And for just a percentage more money, the user gets a more versatile, fully transferrable, select fire M16. I’m pointing this out since these prices won’t last forever. Eventually ANY transferable M16 might be 30-40-50 or even $100,000? 

If a lighting link is $14,000 then? Maybe the math makes more sense? But don’t take my word for it. Look at the price of registered NFA drop-in, auto-sears? DIAS. What are they now? $35,000?

I remember when they were a mere fraction of that price. The non-Colt NFA AR’s are the next to go crazy high. If you are in the market? I suggest you get after it. 






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