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Why I Don’t Like FLGR’s

GI Plug vs Full Length Guide Rod 1911
Why I don’t like FLGR’s on 1911.

My position on this isn’t a right vs wrong argument. Actually it’s not even an argument at all. This preference is more a reflection of personal habit. When I pickup a 1911, I assume the slide can by cycled by pressing the plug on a hard surface. A FLGR negates that. 


If I was running a gun that was sprung for a specific loading and powder charge, with the goal of having as little muzzle rise / and fall as possible? A Full Length Guide Rod (FLGR) would likely be a PERFECT compliment. 

So yes, that configuration can be right for some people or situations. 

Personally, I shoot all kinds of ammo. Everything from Russian steel cases, to professionally remanufactured stuff, to hollow point / self-defense ammo which could be loaded +P. 

115g if I have to. 124g I prefer. So if I can’t tune to spring weight, there is little benefit to having a FLGR trying to smooth that cycle out. 

Now the next question is do I pull FLGR’s out of 1911 and switch them to plugs? In the old days, that answer would be yes. Today? With so many high quality 1911 options? Why would I buy a FLGR equipped gun to begin with? I just wouldn’t. 

There are so many quality 1911 shops, with so many configurations, the user can have it his way, OEM, from the jump.






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