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WileyX EyePro Broken
The crack in the lens

I honestly don’t recall how long I have had this set of eye-protection. At least a decade. Probably closer to 13 years. It comes in a kit that allows the user to change lenses, but I always used the clear. 

You can tell by looking at it’s condition that it gets used many times a week. Sometimes daily. It stays with the rest of my shooting gear in the back of my truck. 

Well…it looks like the bridge area finally gave up the ghost and cracked. This has compromised the entire system since it is no longer rigid on my face. 

I looked up my old contact at WileyX on LinkedIn and he is long gone from the company. So I guess that means a cold call to inquire about parts. It’s been so long, I worry they aren’t even being made any longer. 

So how long have you kept some protective gear? The Ear-Pro you see me with in every single video. I purchased that in 1997 or 1998. 






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