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Wilson Armor-Tuff Finish – My Experience

Wilson Armor-Tuff
Wilson Armor-Tuff Long Term review.

A reader writes:

Have you had much experience with using Wilson’s Armor-Tuff finish? From reading their website descriptions, it would appear it has better corrosion resistance than a DLC finish.  I’m not too concerned about keeping it pretty, so I’d rather have better corrosion than wear resistance if that’s actually the case. 



I do have a lot of experience with the Armor Tuff finish. It is what is used on my daily CCW and training gun.

Here are some pics. But let me put this in context. I am extremely hard on firearm finishes. This gun has been carried every day, in every way, rain or shine, humidity or grime, since April of 2020. In a Kydex holster.

It has also been shot over 10,000 rounds and has countless presentations live and dry from Kydex holsters.

Wilson Armor-Tuff
EDC X9L pulled from AIWB with no prep.

Zero rust.

The ONLY part that has ever exhibited corrosion of any kind is the GI plug. And that was slight.

Off the top of my head, I don’t recall If the X9L has a carbon or stainless slide underneath. So that could be a factor.

Caveats: I’ve heard the statement that the spray-on finish still protect even after worn, but I don’t recall the science behind it. Additionally I have almost zero experience with the DLC coatings offered these days. But I suspect it’s not all that different than the famously durable coatings by the German gun company Blaser. Theirs is called, “Plasma Nitride”.

Pics attached were taken by me for this email about 2 minutes ago. Gun is street dirty.





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