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Wilson Combat – NRA Show 2023

Wilson Combat 2023 NRA Show.
What I would call the SFX9L. But what Wilson calls the SFX9 5”.

OK. Wilson Combat booth, NRA Show 2023. I had two goals in mind when stopping by. First, I wanted to put a Solid Frame gun in my hand to see if it was too small for my liking. In short, it’s too small for my hands. 

Perhaps a large sized back-strap would help. But think about what I just typed. In a world where the 2011 is stupid fat for 9mm, and the X9 guns are significantly smaller; the Sold Frame guns are even smaller than that!

As someone with large hands, the SF not for me. But you guys with smaller hands, take a hard look at the SF guns from Wilson. Probably the SFT (trak) pattern for the most aggressive texture. 

The second goal at Wilson was to see what a traditional single stack gun looks like with their True Zero optics setup. Wondering if maybe it would be a hair too big? Nope. Looks right. And it’s a quality, long term, high-volume setup with a proper recoil lug built into the plate. Buy with confidence. 






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