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Wilson EDC X9L Shoot Hollow Points?

EDC X9 Hollow Points
Does the Wilson EDC X9L Shoot Hollow Points?

Since I have opened videos to viewer questions one thing has become clear; I cannot assume the viewer knows what I know. 

In this case, it has become clear that I have never specifically discussed hollow points and the Wilson EDC X9L. Yes it shoots HP ammo. And as a matter of fact a lot of the engineering changes Bill Wilson made to the EDC guns was to address the prolific 1911 magazine problems the John Moses Browning design brings to the table. 

In particular a modern mag that feeds rounds straighter into the chamber. No more “3 point jam” excuses here. 

Yes, it runs HP ammo just fine. If it’ll feed hollow points from my old, dirty mags, with my old, weak recoil spring, and the gun being as crud’ed up as it is, you will have zero problems with your Wilson X9 gun






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