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Wilson eXperior Field Strip

Wilson eXperior Field Strip.
Wilson eXperior Field Strip.

By viewer request, here is a field-strip of the full-size Wilson eXperior, 9mm 1911. In my opinion the best “traditional” 9mm chambered, 1911 possibly made. 

I don’t say that from a brand or jersey waving perspective. It’s true because Wilson looked at the 5” 9mm 1911 and was honest about it’s many shortcomings. Most of which I explain in the video. 

Condition: You’ll notice the pistol is in quite good condition cosmetically and mechanically. Both can be attributed to the fact it’s the back-up quarterback to the EDC X9L. 

In 2023 I am hoping to change that somewhat. If in a fantasy world, I were given the chance to shoot just one gun, for pure enjoyment. Never having to worry about firepower or going up against someone with a wonder-9 on the streets? That gun would be the eXperior Full Size in 9mm.

Yes, even over the X9L. Understand. I am a 1911 guy. Brought up on the single stack design and ergos. For pure enjoyment. Personal satisfaction. And a sense of continuity with my professional past and that of my ancestors? 

The Wilson eXperior Full Size, chambered in 9mm, is my favorite and best quality pistol in the reference collection. Hands down. 






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