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Wilson eXperior First Shots

eXperior 1911 First Shots
eXperior 1911 First Shots

So…after the astounding success of the Wilson EDC X9L pistol, I was curious if a single-stack version of the gun was available? It was not. Seems Wilson limits the EDC9 guns to 4” which I have ZERO interest in. But they did offer an alternative. The eXperior 9mm 1911. 

So what is this gun?

It’s a single stack 1911 with a traditional extractor, plunger-tube, thumb-safety, grip-safety, GI bushing & plug. But after that, it gets interesting. 

Traditional 1911s have two radial lugs on top of the barrel. Wilson has kept that lockup design, but relieved the forward lug. They also have cut “waves” into the rails of the frame. 

The result is a traditional 9mm 1911 that isn’t over-lugged or over-railed for the caliber. This statement is MY opinion, not Wilson’s. I have believed, and continue to believe, that 9mm 1911’s have always been handicapped by having too much friction. 

Right now someone is going to roll in and tell me how their 9mm 1911 has never had a problem. Whatever. You’re missing the point. The example I have always used is comparing pistol usage to a car race. Cars have to make it around the track without parts breakage, which is a given. 

But after that, the difference between first place and last place is how often that gun has to, “hit the pits” to stay in the race. Reducing friction on over-lugged 1911s should go a long way to helping this. 

I say “should” concerning the eXperior since right now we don’t honestly know. These are first shots. So time will tell. 

But here are my uninformed impressions:

  1. Trigger is lite. A little too lite for my service-pistol tastes, but the 1911 nerds would adore the pull characteristics. 
  2. The gun “unlocks” easier with hammer down than my over-lugged 9mm 1911s from different shops. This is a clue. 
  3. The gun cycles with authority. This is also a clue. Which gives me confidence with it being chambered in 9mm. 
  4. I’m glad it’s a steel framed gun. AKA 9mm cheating. 
  5. I wish it had light-railed frame. They make one. 
  6. I wish it had a RDS cut slide. They make one. 

So why do we have this gun? Well…the single stack 1911 is THE 1911 design. And wouldn’t it be fun to also have a single stack 9 that will run with the big dog (EDC X9L)? 

We are not gear reviewers. I have this gun because I wanted this gun. It’s been a long, long time since I seriously looked twice at “real” 1911s. And if Wilson wanted to send over a 45 caliber Super Grade? We would have passed. 

I have zero interest or use for any 1911 that isn’t chambered in 9mm or can’t run to modern service pistol standards. 

This? Fingers crossed. 






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