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Wilson Experior HP Ammo Test

Wilson Experior Hp Ammo test.
Wilson Experior Hp Ammo test.

Just what the title says. I haven’t run much if any HP ammo in this single stack 1911. Why? Because I don’t generally carry it. That is what the EDC X9L is for. 

But after doing the X9L some folks wanted to see this gun. Now let me be clear, this isn’t a full function test. That would be the 10-8 function test. Which really is checking your extractor tension and magazine. 

This? This is just casual. 

So why this Underwood ammo? Well…we have some left over from the X9L test. But also we have a local company that carries it, seemingly, by the pallet. Read that as easy to get. 

The only negative I can give about the ammo as it’s manufactured is it does NOT have a water seal. So as official duty ammo, this is probably a no go. 

But need gobs of HP ammo in a pinch? Like maybe a pig hunting trip? We know a guy. 






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