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Wilson SFX9 5-Inch Model

Wilson SFX9 5”
Wilson SFX9 - Solid Frame 5” 1911 X-frame.

It is inevitable I will receive inquires about this pistol. Wilson came out with a sold-frame version of the X-frame guns called the SFX9. 

  • SF = Solid Frame.
  • X = X-Frame / Double-Stack
  • 9 = 9mm Caliber. 

So how is this pistol different than my incredible, stupendous, unbelievably fantastic EDC X9L? In a word: Grips. The solid frame guns do away with the user replaceable grip panels. Otherwise the rest of the gun is identical. 

Will I get one? Dunno. I don’t really need two 5” X-frames. Should you get one? I say yes. The EDC X9L and / or SFX9 5” are the two best double-stack 1911s in the game. 

Mark my words: in the future, the Wilson X-frame will be THE ONLY double-stack 1911 frame people want. Full custom boutique gun-smiths will either license it from Wilson, or wait until  the IP expires and flat-out copy it. No kidding, no fooling. 





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