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Model 12 Trench Gun
Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun - Put Together.

Ok. Before the collectors come at me with pitchforks and tar, let’s start off the bat by saying this shotgun isn’t a real Model 12 Trench Gun. 

In actuality it’s what we call a fantasy / put-together gun. And as long as the price is right, I am perfectly OK with that situation. Some put-togethers were done so a long time ago, and looking at this Model 12, I believe that is the case here. 

The wood doesn’t match. Obviously refinished. It’s a takedown model. And the butt pad is plainly a civilian centric, sporting format design. Not the typical hard plate you see on military guns. 

But…what it’s got going for it is the quality of the work, the relatively completeness of the conversion, and it obviously was done a long time ago. 

I like it. Didn’t buy it. Not yet anyway. But I am certainly thinking about it. 






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