Winning Guns & Having Fun

One of our customers shared some good news with us. A local US Congressional candidate was giving away an AR-15 rifle. Well….it appears he won it! And the best part for us? He showed up wearing one of 3% flag shirts!

It is my understanding this was quite the media event. So congratulations, and thanks for thinking of us!

—Marky & Freeze

Hi Guys,
I’ve attached the picture of me receiving the AR 15 that I won in a drawing sponsored by Joe Carr, a Republican, running for Congress representing the 6th District of Tennessee against Diane Black(R). The rifle is an Elite Arms JD-15 in 5.56. Joe is in the picture to my left. The big guy to my right runs a construction business in Carthage and provided the funds for the rifle to be given away. The pink shirt guy is the son of the business owner that the purchase was conducted through. I had to pay the $10 for the background check which I would do everyday for a free gun.

D. D. 
Lebanon, TN

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