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X-Frame Mag-Well Considerations

Wilson X-Frame Mag Well
Wilson X-Frame Considerations.

So…after 8000 rounds through the EDC X9L, it’s time to look closely at the mag-well and address a few questions & concerns some people have:

  1. Mag-well holds up fine to heavy use. No unusual wear on the part, or the frame.
  2. The mag-well does NOT preclude you from easily using the 15rd mags as normal. I.e. They will seat flush with the normal reload motion. 
  3. The X-frame’s mag-well is wider than the metal frame of the pistol. If thinness is an absolute life-or-death priority, perhaps the mag-well should be deleted. 
  4. Alternatively, I am not sure if Wilson will even offer the mag-well option on the SFX (solid-frame) guns as it does make the pistol’s footprint wider.  

Summation: The EDC X9L is still the best 1911 I have ever owned. Is my daily carry & training pistol. My only gripe is an old man one: I wish it had come out 25-30 years ago. Would have been nice to have the same firepower as the Glock boys back then.

And before someone says it, the 2011 guns were dog-shit back in the day. Absolute and complete dog-shit. Which is saying something coming from a huge 1911 fan such as myself. I hear they are a little better now. But still vulnerable to most of the same weaknesses, so why even bother at this point?

The X-frame is the future of the 1911. At some point companies will either license the intellectual property from Wilson, or simply copy it once the IP expires. 

Mark my words. 






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