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XTECH – The 17rd Mag That Ain’t 

Xtech 17rd magazine Test
Xtech 17rd magazine Test

First of all let me just start by saying that I am not a gear reviewer. I am a shooter. Most gear reviewers that I have seen can’t actually shoot well. 

It’s tedious and a low rent space occupied click-bait writers and wanna-be Fudd’s. But somehow…here we are. Why? Because I want more than 15+1 in the HK VP9 pistol.

  • I bought this mag. 
  • I wanted this mag. 
  • I kinda needed this mag.

Construction “seems” very high. Reliability “seems” good. Baseplate construction mimics the OEM HK mags. Which is strong and easy to get into. 

But there is one problem. This 17 round magazine is functionally a 16 round magazine. As in after 400 rounds I never got a 17th round into the tube. With a high-end loading tool to boot! 

IMO it probably won’t ever take a 17th round. Because one has to work quite deliberately to get the 16th round loaded. Try for 17? And the metal loading tool bends to the point of almost breaking. All that for zero ground is gained for 17.


These are a no go. Why give up HK OEM magazines for one extra round? Maybe you can justify that? I cannot. Moving on. 

Promotional consideration given to cheapammo.com for providing the ammunition for this range session. 

Without them? My frustration knob would be cranked to 11. 






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