Mexico is a Narco-State

This is a video that recently came out of Mexico. A high ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel was killed and this was his funeral procession. Many of our readers will be interested in it since it shows open and obvious automatic weapons fire by criminal gangs. When citizens are disarmed, only criminals will have guns.

But wait, there’s more…

I have worked in Mexico since the early 1990’s. I have dealt with some major dirt-bags. Inversely, I have dealt with “high-Mexicans” and all the racism, stratification and bigotry that resides between these two groups. I know the top. And I know the bottom.

Let me be very clear. Mexico is a narco-state. It’s just not a “failed” narco-state. What’s the difference you ask? In the international financial sectors, certain countries get “flagged” when money moves in and out off them. It’s not a hard concept to understand. Some guy in Iran or Afghanistan wants to drop 100 million on a used 747, people and places are going to start asking questions: Who, what, when, where, why, how?

Think Columbia. Think Yemen. Think Sudan. Think Syria. The issue isn’t having the money. The issue is where is the money coming from?

The Narco groups learned some valuable lesson from the failures of the Columbian drug lords, the Golden Triangle, and Afghanistan. Don’t flush the entire country. Buy it off. Maintain the political order. Use your money to leverage the national government to achieve your goals. Don’t fight the cops. Buy the cops. Don’t fight the man, buy the man.

A Mexican individual or company wants to buy the same 747 mentioned above? Cash? No problem, Senior. Will that be bearer bonds or a wire transfer? Maybe something that needs a End User Certificate (EUC) or restricted under ITAR? Close the container and ship it to one of two cartel controlled ports I personally know are used for such things.

No. Drug lords are not getting M2 Browning Machine guns and RPG’s from the United States. Any politician who advances such an argument is either retarded or willfully ignorant.

Mexico is at war with itself. And the hard truth is, the good guys are losing. Badly. And all the profits and illegal drug money supporting this disaster is the US drug user and a wide open southern border. You read that right. All the death and mayhem south of border is mostly our fault. Because we won’t turn off the money Spicket.

Look again at this video. A large mob of Sinaloa cartel members and their supporters marched down the street with automatic weapons just blazing away. With zero chance of repercussions.

But what the hell do I know? I just have 25 years of experience in Mexico. Keep on telling yourself all that tourist area construction is being financed by a Senior Frogs business model.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Mikial

    I haven’t done any work in Mexico in quite a few years, but I agree with everything you are saying. I have worked with some folks in Texas and Arizona who are struggling with the issues you mention in terms of cross-border activities. In my opinion, Mexico is more dangerous than the MENA region. The Mexicans are smarter and more ruthless.

    • In some ways it is. I know people who go into Pakistan all the time with no trouble. Does that make PAK safe?

      Nobody would say that.

      People do the same in MEX, and the logic gets all goofy.

      Mexico is the world’s largest drug money laundering operation.

      Don’t doubt me.


      • Mikial

        I believe that. The average American thinks of terrorists and civil wars when they think of the Middle East and Africa, because that’s what the media feeds them, but they think of sunny beaches and cheap vacations when they think of Mexico because there’s less publicity in the news and their neighbors come home with tales of the wonderful vacation they had in Cancun. But as we all know, cliche’ though it may be . . . complacency kills. Just ask Felix Batista . . . if you can find him.

        • Mexico is one of the biggest lies told today.


  • Daniel, God is my judge

    You nailed it Marky. I live in the Midwest. Small town freakin’ Midwest. We left the keys in all the cars, trucks and farm equipment when I was a kid, we never locked the doors. You sure can’t do that now. Theft, burglaries, home invasions and in a larger town to the North shootings are commonplace, and drugs are driving all this illegal activity. The jail in our county and the one North of us are at capacity because of the good work of the police, sheriff’s office and Narcotics Task Force and there is no sign of any of this crap slowing down. Our state prison is awash with contraband drugs, even locking these people up doesn’t stop it.

    • One of my favorites is a State and Local Sheriff who keep telling the public they will hunt down and arrest the killers who wiped out an entire extended family one night.

      But the truth is, the family was in the dope game with the Sinaloa cartel, stabbed them in the back on money, and was killed by a hit squad sent across the border.

      By the time the bodies were discovered, the team was back across into Mexico. My contacts in the Midwest suspect this. And my contacts on the border CONFIRM it.

      But hey! Let’s not scare the horses. By telling them the truth.


      • P.S. This is in the Midwest. Not the Badlands region.


  • guns2317

    Kinda a shame a couple of JDAM’s couldnt have landed in the midst of that group of ” mourners “.

    Either that or a pass or two of BRRRRRRT from above.

    • I expect sometime in the foreseeable future, we will be engaged in open combat operations inside of Mexico. Currently it is covert.


    • Daniel, God is my judge

      Bring in Spectre or Spooky

  • Brennen Munro

    The only reason we have not seen screaming hoards of jihadist pouring across the southern border is that the drug lords do not want the US to get serious about shutting down the crossing traffic. That would impact their drug money, and as such is not something they want to have happen. If the US were to clamp down very,very hard on the border… well then we can expect the jihadist to be given the go ahead from the cartels. It is going to get real ugly before it all shakes out.

    • Eventually the border will become a first line crisis like it has in the past. History repeats itself. Wall or not.