First who are we:

The owners of this website are Marky & Freeze. The proprietors, grand-pooh-bahs, and HMFIC’s of

Who is this website for: is targeted primarily at the US based, firearms community. With secondary reach worldwide.

Why make this website:

Like many of you, we too have experienced persecution, bigotry and hate at the hands of lefty corporate shills, Democratic Party operatives and social justice liars. So in mid 2015, we made a major shift in our social media strategy. Going forward, we will be investing all of our social media energy on a platform we own lock, stock and barrel.

No more censorship by the majors: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, etc.

The Mission:

The owners of & have a lifestyle philosophy: Shooting Guns & Having Fun. And while the website is the portal to sell t-shirts (and frankly pay for all of this), we felt we needed an outlet to showcase that lifestyle on it’s own. Because that is what it’s all about, right? If you aren’t “shooting guns & having fun”, what’s the point in life?

So stick around and grow with us. If you wish to support us, think about buying some shirts. If that is not something you can do; please consider signing up for our mailing list and sharing this site with all your pro-gun friends. Any contribution great or small is ALWAYS appreciated.

E-mails and Posts:

The goal is to try and post new stories and content daily. So check back often. If you sign up for the mailing list, you will get alerts on recently posted content. We are publishing regular e-mails every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning.


And finally, we don’t sell, share or rent our customer information. No exceptions.




Marky & Freeze

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”


The Podcast

The Podcast

  • Gary Tompkins

    Noticed you are dark on Facebook. Something you did or something they did?

  • Bruce Beckwith

    What’s happening with the T-shirts? I’ve been wanting to buy a couple of the “model 10” tees.

    • We gave rebranded and haven’t released new merchandise under the john1911 name yet.


      • Bruce Beckwith

        Do you have an estimate of when you will release them for sale?

        • Freeze

          not at this time but we are talking about it and after we wrap up a few big projects we plan on listing a couple of items to start with.

          • James Adams

            SITREP? Needing more shirts! My water boarding instructor shirt needs replaced.

          • Still in the rebranding phase. So we are not merchandising yet.