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1911 Drill – 25 Yard Plate Rack

25 yard Falling Plate Rack Drill
25 yard Falling Plate Rack Drill

The 25 yard plate rack drill. 

  • Draw from concealment.
  • 6 Station Falling Plate Rack.
  • Time 5.09 seconds. 
  • Pistol: Wilson EDC X9L 1911 (9mm). 
  • Sights: Trijicon SRO.

Notes: Is 5.09 seconds a good time on this drill? If you haven’t achieved some measurable level of skill with a handgun? Yes. If you are considered a “good” competition shooter? Frankly, no. 

So if you are faster than a streak-of-shit and think this sucks, fine. But don’t kick down. This drill isn’t for you. It’s for the home-gamer who wants a standard to train against. 

Could I shoot it faster? Probably. With lots of practice and warmed up, I could probably whittle down to…maybe…just below 5 seconds. But being self aware, that is at the bleeding edge of my skill level. Not something I could do on command. 






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