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HCAR – Heavy Counter Assault Rifle

HCAR - A modern Browning BAR.

If you need proof that today is one of the most exciting times private US firearms ownership history, look no further than the HCAR. A modern take on the traditional Browning Bar made by Ohio Ordnance Works. 

Chopped and modernized BAR rifle.

HCAR stands for Heavy Counter Assault Rifle. And it’s a tricked out, railed out, cut down barrel, spray-on finish, BAR rifle. With adjustable stock and modern muzzle device. 

In short…some kind of gun-forum fever dream that is too expensive, impracticable, heavy and generally not commercially viable. And yet, here it is…

Two color schemes as well.

And I LOVE it! Absolutely on our long term to-buy list. And it should be on yours too. Because once these limited supply of receivers are gone, I doubt OOW will make a second run. 






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