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1911 Drill – Malfunction Clearance

1911 Malfunction Clearance Drill
1911 Malfunction Clearance Drill

It’s a simple fact of life, things go wrong with guns at the most inopportune times. Drawing down on an animal. In the middle of a gunfight. First stage of the match. Doesn’t matter. 

But what DOES matter isn’t the going wrong part. It’s how quickly you fix it and move on. Much as in life. 

Two types of clearance drills are shown here. The Tap-Rack maneuver. This handles 99% of your malfunctions. The second is the dreaded double-feed. Which is initiated by either locking the slide back to strip the mag out of the gun. Or if you are able, just strip the mag out of the gun. 

It is my opinion that people freak out way too much over double-feeds. Just do what needs to be done. Also notice on the video timer how much time it takes to “malf” the gun, figure out what the problem is, strip out the mag, then reload to fire. 4-4.5 seconds. 

Sure 4.5 seconds is a long time in a gunfight. So maybe that’s a clue to seek cover / move should one arise. This is assuming you automatically know what to do if it happens. 






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