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A Frankengun Build?

FrankenGun AR-15
Kraken’s Frankengun Build

Opinions vary on “builds”. Most ARs that are “builds” are not what I consider a build. Slapping a lower parts kit in a stripped lower and mating it to a purchased upper is not a build in my book. With that being said, for the purpose of this write up, we will call it a build.

My cousin is a firearms enthusiast also, so we are constantly trading things back and forth. We traded one particular pistol back and forth so many times, we nicknamed it the “slut gun”.

Somewhere in our dealings I acquired this upper from him. I finally got around to gathering enough lower parts from various cubby holes to assemble a super duper high quality Anderson lower.

So basically I took a 49 dollar Anderson Lower, enough lower parts(mostly CMMG) to assemble the lower, a decent Magpul PRS stock and off to the bench I went. Assembling the lower went easily enough. Having some basic AR tools makes it much easier. Yes, I know you can drive a pin with a blunted nail, so ya don’t need no 10 dollar punch.

Assembled the lower, slapped the upper and scope on and went outside to do a function check. It ran some crappy 55gr steel case flawlessly. I will tear it back down, clean it up, treat the barrel, and try some match quality loads and see what I get. Would I trust it to deploy with, no. Would I trust it to go to war with some renegade prairie dogs, absolutely. Did I “build” an AR, no.

This was a budget assembly, Anderson lower, Aero upper assembly, Magpul furniture, CMMG lpk, and topped with a Vortex Viper scope. Some of these turn out very well and some are

disasters. Then again I had a 4K factory rifle that was a total POS. There is no doubt that overall, a quality built factory gun will perform better, long term, than a homebuilt gun.





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