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1911 Drill – The X-Drill

1911 Drill. The X-Drill.
1911 Drill. The X-Drill.

Most effective pistol drills are simple and reinforce fundamental skills needed for run-and-gun scenarios. That is what we have here: The X-Drill

Draw your weapon and engage a target to the right. Then swing your weapon and engage your target to the left. Rinse and repeat for how many rounds you see fit. Your 1911 holds 8 rounds, shoot 8. Your 1911 holds 10 round, shoot 10. Your 1911 holds 22 rounds, shoot 22. 

Pro-tip: As you get more comfortable with swinging your pistol onto another target, lead with your eyes. Don’t “slave” your eyes to your tights like the gunner in a tank. Use your eyes like the tank commander who picks out the next target for the gunner. 

I got this drill from Mike Seeklander. If you want to train with him online, check out his website: Shooting-Performance.com

Pistol: Wilson Combat EXperior Full Size. Single stack. 9mm. 






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