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Commentary - Stupid Holster Companies
It’s this stupid shit that eliminates 99% of all holsters on the market. Can you see it?

Be forewarned, this one is going to be salty. Why? It’s 9:40pm at night, and I am not about to write War & Peace to state what I can simply put in a brutal observation. 

You see this holster promo picture? It’s all kinds of fucked up. I’m not going to get into all the in’s and out as to why. That’s not my fucking problem. It’s yours if you have to ask. 

Commentary - Stupid Holster Companies
It’s 2022 and this bullshit makes it to print.

And ask you should. 99 out of 100 times when I am approached by a holster company to “review” their shit, it’s shit. Just like this. But that’s not really my point. This is: 

When I see this promo I know many, many things for certain:

  • People at this holster company don’t shoot. 
  • The model in this pic doesn’t shoot. 
  • The photographer of this dumpster-fire image doesn’t shoot. 
  • The ad executive who approved it doesn’t shoot. 
  • The firearms media outlet who published it doesn’t shoot. 
  • And the author who put his byline on it doesn’t shoot. 
  • Looked at the comments: None of the commentators caught it so they must not fucking shoot either. 

It’s the blind leading the blind in most firearms media which makes it worthless garbage.





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