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1911 Supplies Box

TNT Wood Crate
My 45ACP 1911 Supplies box.

A few months ago a staff member ran across a reconditioned WWII explosives crate. These were being blown out for just a couple of bucks, so he picked one up and figured I would find a use for it. 

Which I have. 

It now holds all of my old 45ACP 1911 parts, springs, mags, accessories (excluding holsters). And our old, Kimber branded, Ceiner made, 22 conversion kit & mags. 

It’s a good way to segregate my old 45 caliber work stuff from the modern 9mm 1911 supplies. 

And…the cool box stays on brand for us. We don’t sell them, but if you are looking for a gift to give that “gun friend” this Christmas, maybe something like this is the ticket. 






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