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4 Steel Plate 450 - 500- 600 Yards
4 Steel Plate 500- 600 Yards

So…your gun shoots 1/2 MOA all day long? Good. Now hit these 4” steel plates with one shot. At 450 yards. 500 yards. And 600 yards. 

1 shot. 

Now after the shot is over. Whether you hit it or missed it? Was it because of you? The gun’s accuracy? Or did your shot fall inside or outside the margin of error? Or in layman’s terms, did you get lucky? 

Don’t know the answer to the last question? It’s really simple to figure out. 

Take one more shot and hit the plate a second time. 

That’s two shots. Two hits. On a 4” plate. at 450, 500 and 600 yards. 

4 Steel Plate 450 - 500- 600 Yards
This one should be easier. 450 yards. Your 1/2 MOA gun should shoot inside this target size easily, right? 😉

No spotters. No sighters. No excuses. Cold bore. 

Suddenly shooting those itty bitty groups at 100 seems like a walk in the park, doesn’t it? By the way, most shooters can’t do this at 600 yards. But everyone on a gun forum can with one arm tied behind their back. 

Or so they would have you believe. 






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