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Deer Stand From Heaven

Deer Stand From Heaven
Where the tree stand feel from.

While checking trails on the property last week, the sun just happened to glint off a red object to my right. It looked like a pipe. 

Upon further inspection it turns out to be an old deer stand that had fallen during the last storm. Which is why I was checking trails…looking for downed trees. 

It seems this stand has been here for a very long time. And guessing by the looks of the tree, has slowly been getting higher and higher with each passing year. Until finally one day a combination of wind, rot and gravity won the battle. 

I have found remnants of handmade deer stands in two other spots. But this one is the first I have seen that appears to be manufactured. 

Guess I better keep a closer eye on the tree lines. Might get a deer stand on my head if I’m not careful?






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