The John1911 Podcast

EP140- Glock 30, Petty’s Super Bird, Shower Gun is Real

Episode 140 of the John1911 podcast:


  • Dayton & El Paso Shootings.
  • Broken people hang with broken people.
  • Man uses “Shower Gun” against burglar.
  • Freeze buys his first Glock at 54.
  • Bernie Sanders callback Jimmy Carter.
  • USSS – Secret Service goes Glock 19 & Glock 47.
  • Richard Petty’s Super Bird race car.
  • CDC shuts down Army’s USAMRIID!!!! WTF?!
  • “I don’t like white people” shooting may not be 100% true.
  • Drive by shooters accidentally shoots his driver.
  • $5000 into the Vagina, $6233 out. Miracles do happen.




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