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Background Checks on What?

Background Checks on What?
Background Checks on What?

How to solve America’s gun problem. Re-institute the nationwide, involuntary, community control, mental health system. 

Bring back mental health adjudication in the courts. And build mental health hospitals to administer or  house these people.

Stop letting obviously crazy people walk the streets. Or live under bridges. Or sleep in parks. Or continually be the subjects of the same 911 calls for service over and over and over again.

If you want to have background checks? You actually have to create the data to disqualify people.

And here’s the best part, and dirty little secret. And it’s the answer to 99% of the red flag law problem. Most people who were diverted into the compulsory mental health system were done so when they were still minors.

You don’t have to take guns away from a crazy person if he was mentally adjudicated when he was 15 or 16.






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