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SCAR-20s 518 Yards Load Testing

SCAR-20s Load Testing TMK 518 yards.
SCAR-20s Load Testing TMK 518 yards.

“Doc” and I were out on the range testing some of his hand loads. Here he is shooting some 175g TMK’s in his SCAR-20s. 

One of the general concerns that has been floating around our circles for a bit, is the twist rate on Doc’s SCAR-20. You see, European gun makers tend to go with slower twists for lighter bullets. 

American shooters have been driving just about every caliber possible out to 1000 yards and beyond. And the one trick these shooters have up their sleeves to achieve this is heavier bullets. 

The fear is the 1:12 twist of the SCAR-20 isn’t really optimal to longer range shooting. The reason being 175 is getting up there in bullet weight for 308. And if a rifle won’t stabilize the heavies at 500-600? It will all fall apart at 800 yards. 

Well…so far…it appears Doc has found a load his SCAR-20 likes. And it’s looking pretty stable.  Nobody is assuming this will get the job done farther out! But the gun has to shoot at this range to be able to see 800. 

You gotta win the Pennant Race to win the World Series. 

So far, so good. 






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