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Swiss Arms SIG 550 series "pistol"

After we started showing the American made SIG 551A1 on video, I have received numerous inquiries as to how the real deal Swiss Arms 550 Series of rifle compares to the SIG USA Frankly, I don’t personally know. I don’t own one and have zero time on a real 550. That I recall anyway.

It’s my understanding that there are some fit and finish discrepancies between the 551A1 and the Swiss Military rifle. And I take that at face value. But so far, it doesn’t seem to be that big of deal. And yes, I understand the Swiss collectors will take issue with my thinking.

I am a shooter, not a collector. We have the 551A1 as a reference gun in the arsenal. But some ask why don’t we just buy a real-deal Swiss 550? Here are the 4574 reasons…



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