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BCF-66 Pistol
BCF-66 pistol.

And….we bought it. Original buyer couldn’t pass the 4473. So…we even got it cheap. French BCF-66. I’m sure this is a a tip of the hat to Rochambeau this weekend (look him up). Probably the first 380 we have owned in about 25 years. Why this one? 1. It’s French. 2. It’s weird. 3. It actually fits my hand! 

Now for new business. We are going through a HUUUUGE server update and it has slowed down our production schedule. We probably won’t get back to normal until end of business day Monday. So until then, remember two things: America is the Greatest Country in the history of the world. And George Washington was a bad-ass. My fellow citizens are encouraged to keep America in our hearts and to live up to the example of George Washington’s Badassery. Happy Birthday, America. #july4th #bcf66 #john1911






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