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5 Is Enough Until It’s Not

A Glock 19 is functionally the same size as these 5 shot revolvers.

There is an interesting assault case that came out of Pennsylvania recently. A group of 5 college football players waited in ambush and beat a man so senseless that he has brain damage.

Doesn’t that get your attention? Some will say, I don’t move in those kind of circles and the best way to win a fight is to avoid it all together. Sure. Solid logic.

Too many of my fellow black belts don't realize Bruce Lee movies are bullshit.
Too many of my fellow black belts don’t realize, of won’t believe, that Bruce Lee movies are bullshit.

Then it comes out this attack happened outside of a local restaurant. As of this writing, the story is one of the football players made an unkind remark towards the victim’s girlfriend. Some words were exchanged.

Now the facts are getting more compelling…

Sounding like a know-it-all, I’m willing to go out on a limb here. To date, I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t have one of the following: a wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend. The point being that maybe the scenario reported here isn’t so far out of the realm for the average cat. So think about putting yourself in this scenario. How does the outcome look?

This is the reality of fighting multiple attackers.
This is the reality of fighting multiple attackers.

Without a doubt, many of our readers have defaulted to their CCW logic. Have gun, will win. And that logic has some sound reasoning behind it. History shows that confidence is a huge factor in battle. It’s an old military tactic to “demonstrate before the enemy” to achieve some strategic goal.

But let’s be honest shall we? The victim in this case probably doesn’t know he’s under attack until after he’s taken at least one cold-cock to the noggin. Have you considered fighting against multiple attackers just to be able to even draw your handgun? You should, because that’s how it REALLY happens.

A Glock 19 is functionally the same size as these 5 shot revolvers.
A Glock 19 is functionally the same size as these 5 shot revolvers.

So…you’ve taken at least one rock-solid hit to the head from a 260# athlete but you have successfully drawn your 5 shot j-frame. Do you honestly think you have the upper-hand at this point? What are your chances of winning this fight? What are your chances of survival at this point? If you are reading this and thinking the fight is won, I dare say you’ve never personally experienced extreme violence in your life.

Is 5 is enough? Yes. 5 unarmed guys is enough to win against an armed individual at fist-a-cuff range. Without a doubt.

Cue Mas Ayoob, “Border House Rules: Everyone get’s served before anyone gets seconds”.

The theory works like this: 5 bad guys. 5 bullets. Shoot them all once before you shoot anyone twice. Great theory! The reality is completely the opposite. Even in war, we see soldiers dump rounds into targets until the target is down. Actually….that IS what your CCW instructor taught you. Shoot to stop the threat. And he was correct. But “Border House Rules” assumes you have a shot at 5 separate attackers. Not likely as your enemy gets a vote by bashing your brains out.

New York Reload? if you can get to it?
New York Reload? If you can get to it? Or worse, lose control of it.

Do we really need to go into the “one-shot-stop” myths? Also known as, “but…but…44 Magnum”. If you have read this far, I will assume not. You are probably a person who takes self-defense and gun-rights very seriously. And you are looking for real information. Everyone has to play to their strengths. Some advice favors younger people. Some advice favors stronger people. Some advice favors faster people. Some advice favors men. Life isn’t fair. A 25 y/o male might have more options than a 71 y/o female. Sexist, ageist and unfair? Yes. Don’t kill the messenger. I don’t make the rules. But the rules exist, like them or not.

All the guns pictured below are functionally the same caliber. One is 38 special. The rest are 9mm. In size, they are not that different from each other, but in capacity they vary wildly.

Common 9mm / 38 caliber handguns
Common 9mm / 38 caliber handguns

S&W 940 9mm = 5 shots.
S&W Model 64 38 special = 6 shots.
Luger P08 9mm = 9 shots.
1911 9mm = 10 Shots.
Glock 19 9mm = 16 shots.
HK VP 9mm = 16 shots.
FNS9 9mm = 19 shots.

See a trend? More bullets.

Glock 19 GEN 2
Glock 19 GEN 2

5 is enough. Until it’s not. Al Qeada. ISIS. Anarchists. Communists. Dead-enders. Watching the news, do any of us really live in a 5 shot revolver world these days?


Choose wisely.

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