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POTD — USAF Aggressor F-16

POTD Aggressor AK F-16

I thought this was a neat picture. It’s an Alaskan based USAF F-16 that is painted in a unique color scheme since it serves as part of their dissimilar training cadre. AKA the aggressor squadron.

Just like in the movie Top Gun, the US military takes airplanes with similar performance envelopes to com-bloc aircraft and trains our pilots to fly like them. What his does is it keeps USAF pilots from falling into a dogfighting / group-think rut.

Meaning Top Gun pilots training against other Top Gun pilots, using similar techniques and airplanes isn’t real world. They will typically face Russian built airplanes with pilots training in the Russian flight schools.

Anyway, neat looking F-16. I have a rifle painted using the exact same scheme except with some different colors.



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