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7.5×55 at 520 Yards

7.5x55 GP11 Ammo first shots out to 520 yards.
7.5x55 GP11 Ammo first shots out to 520 yards. Blaser R8.

So after getting the custom barrel zeroed, I figured a shot at 520 yards with the K31 “try DOPE” was in order. 

What is, “Try DOPE” you ask? Try DOPE is using existing ballistic data gathered from a similar rifle or caliber. In this case, K31 shooters firing GP11 ammo. 

Don’t expect it to work. But it’s the “old man” way or cheating the system before the system was taken over by hand-held, telephone computers. 

The result: We connected. First at 470 yards and then at 520 yards. The Try DOPE is not that far off!

Special thanks to J. Sip & Sons for making this barrel. If you are in need of some custom rifle work? Or even just a custom barrel for your Blaser R8 or R93? Give them a look. 

They know the Blaser rifles inside and out. So you aren’t paying them to learn. Which saves everyone time and money. 







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