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Zeiss Spotting Scope. Dialyt 18-45x60.
Zeiss Spotting Scope. Dialyt 18-45x60.

Now I know this headline seems a little like click-bait. But I assure you it’s not. Hear me out. 

I have been in the professional or semi-professional gun-game since the early 1990’s. And I have seen a lot of things come and go. But one thing that always seemed like a constant was big-money spent on spotting scopes that ONLY get used on square ranges when…you know…”spotting” from your belly. 

Typically these spotters are stored in either a Pelican type case, or Smurf-sized steamer trunk. Only to be cracked open like a scene in The Raider’s of The Lost Ark. 

Don’t read ancient Hebrew? Let me translate: Most spotters are inversely proportional in cost vs time used. The more expensive the glass? The less time said glass sees daylight. 

Just bugs the hell out of me. 

So I split the baby. I bought a high end spotter made by Zeiss. But I decided to give up some magnification and light transfer by instead choosing an optic that was also field usable. 

The Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×60 Field Spotter. 

So now this spotter lives in the truck full-time, like some of you keep binoculars.  But also works as a spotter for shooting, field glass for hunting, and hopefully soon a target camera to record hits on film. 

Is it perfect? No. But in this case, it does everything well enough for my uses and ability. So instead of a gold brick in a padded box. We have field glass that is always in a range bag or behind the passenger seat of the truck. 

This thing is getting used seriously 3-5 times a week right now. 

Like I said, My Zeiss Compromise. 






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