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77g 223 Match Handloads

This ammo is match grade.

If you shoot a lot. And you shoot for precision, hand loading is probably in your wheel house. Either you load it, or someone in your support structure loads it for you. This may seem like an odd post coming from me since I typically shoot 55g standard.223 ammunition. But in our support staff, 1000 rounds of 77g match grade .223 was recently loaded. Incase you are curious, this will be fed into a match grade precision style AR. Not what we would consider a service grade weapon.

I’d would run a few rounds of this through my SCAR just for giggles, but I personally would never actually use this ammo in ┬ámy work rifle. Even if it shot 1/4 MOA! I suspect the person who ultimately will have this ammo would agree.


So, how often do you get to see 1000 rounds of match grade, 77g .223 ammo? Lose? Personally I don’t. Which is why I stopped to snap a picture before it was handed off. Yes, I love my job too.




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