Pic of Day: Bullet in the Dryer

9mm 124g FMJ in Dryer
9mm 124g FMJ in Dryer

If you are an avid shooter, this situation will be familiar to you. I was opening my dryer the other day and viola! I see sitting on the lint trap ledge a shiny, freshly cleaned 9mm 124 FMJ round. Loaded. It happens. Practicing reloading, malfunction clearance drills, etc. Lose rounds end up in the damnedest places.


An old boss of mine was hemmed up for a minute at an airport. Somehow a 45ACP bullet rolled out of one of his pockets at a TSA checkpoint. Some of the agents wanted to make a big deal out of it to the point credentials and calls had to be made. Eventually he was allowed to proceed on to his flight.


It happens. To everyone. Especially if you shoot a lot. So remember when transiting someplace where a round is a NO-GO such as the Canadian border, check and recheck. It’s cheaper in the long run. Just ask our lawyers.




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