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A CZ Produced k98 Mauser Rifle

CZ 98k Mauser BRNO
Extractor in good shape.

So…I was perusing an estate auction when I saw this rifle. It is a Yugo copy of a 98k Mauser. I’ve been in the market for a shooter-grade k98 for a while and this fit the bill. Considering it came with a bayonet, the price was too good to pass up. Besides, everyone needs a Mauser rifle to shoot up the occasional 8mm surplus one runs across.

Inspection upon reception shows a barrel that is in rough shape. Very rough shape actually. But it appears the internals of the rifle are gummed up with cosmoline. We have a suspicion that most of the “bad” inside the barrel might be dried cosmoline. Keep your fingers crossed.

Enjoy the pictures.

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