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A Love Letter To EoTech

USMC Special Ops with EoTech M4

Dear EoTech,

While I have never personally dated you, I have seen you in relationships with plenty of my friends. I have seen you treat them badly. I’ve seen your temperamental side. I’ve been put out by your fits and random psycho behavior. Your inability to focus or take correction. All of it.

Over time, your reputation soured. Every guy who ever dated you looking for a long-term relationship always left disappointed. Feeling bitter, used and betrayed….


EoTech Scope
EoTech Scope.

OK…I can’t go on with the parody. You get the idea. It practically writes itself. Everyone is piling on EoTech these days. One glance at some the equipment boards will see a slew of Eotech products newly listed. But it’s a funny thing, they are being listed at stupid prices.

And that is real genesis of this post I guess. Those of us who actually shoot a lot have seen EoTechs puking for years. Literally….years. In one circle of trainers I work with, we literally would take over / under bets when a student’s EoTech would show up on the line. Regardless if that student was a civilian or military.

We never evangelized over it. We just kept some AimPoints at the ready for the inevitable. When asked to explain our disdain for EoTech, the cycle was always the same. No matter what we said or proof we would give, the listener would start to cite the same bullshit like, “If it’s good enough for the Marine Corps, it’s good enough for me”. Funny, no actual Marine ever says that but I’ll save that for another post.

USMC Special Ops with EoTech M4

So now…all the cool kids are running for cover with the news of the Eotech issues out of Crane, the FBI selecting AimPoint, and L3 paying a multi-million dollar settlement for fudging test data on the EoTech line. So I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this. The guy who’s bashed EoTech’s for literally 5 years.

If you have EoTech equipment, don’t sell it. One, you’re going to lose your ass. Two, you assholes don’t shoot enough anyway. Chances are it will never break. Get the fuck over it. You’re going to sell your gear for top dollar and maybe hose someone else? Not cool. Or the alternative, you’re going to sell low (EoTech) and buy high (AimPoint)? Not smart.

Seriously? Are you out of your fucking mind? How many rounds do you shoot in a year? Why don’t you take whatever this new “cost” is and just buy cases of 5.56 and shoot more? If your EoTech breaks, fuck it. Get it fixed or replace it then.

SCAR 16 Irons
SCAR 16 with factory backup irons.

If it doesn’t break, you’re the exception to the rule! The smart one! The guy who wasn’t the sucker twice over. Congratulations, you get to be the winner on the internet gun forum by not following the crowd. And you didn’t even contract the monkey virus in the process —gratuitous Tiger’s Blood – Charlie Sheen, HIV reference for the TMZ crowd.

Now get ready! Gurd your loins! Here comes the guy who will try to tell me why “he’s” special and everything I just typed doesn’t apply to “him & his”. Uh huh. He lives in the United States, works a 9-5 civilian job, and is LUCKY to put 1000 rounds a year through a rifle. L.U.C.K.Y. Luuuuu-ccckkkk—-eeeyyyy.

And I’m being generous with those round counts BTW.

Shoot more.
Shoot more. Internet less.

Here’s the truth home gamers, shoot more. Shooting more solves everything in life. And it solves this. If you are THAT worried about EoTech sights shitting the bed, install back-up irons on your rifle. You’re a ninja-accountant, right? Every Ninja-Accountant has BUIS these days. And even if you don’t, here’s a pro-tip. When the illuminated reticle dies on your red-dot, you know you can just center the screen on whatever you’re shooting to get the job done. But that’s a super-secret-night-elf-ranger-seal school trick. Don’t tell anyone I told you.


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