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A New Tactic Against Open Carry Advocates –Swatting


Word has been spreading that the anti-gun statists have a new trick up their sleeve against the Open Carry movement: Swatting. In case you are not familiar with the basic premise of that phrase, swatting is a situation when an individual intentionally misleads — read that as flat-out lies —  to emergency services about a violent encounter to provoke a heavy police response.


Originally it was assumed these types of tricks were being playing by youngsters to screw with each other. But now it is being reported that anti-gun groups are intentionally trying to trick law enforcement into thinking an open carrier is some kind of active shooter.


Open CCW
Open CCW

Reality check: most open carriers who make the news are doing so to typically make a point. Yeah, don’t start. In the real world most open carriers aren’t even noticed. Knowing this,  I would strongly advise any current or future open carry advocates to be smarter than the average cat. If you are open carrying and some kind of emergency services group rolls up on you hard & heavy…just…chill. They’ll figure it out.


Don’t argue with people carrying badges and guns. Be polite. Be courteous. Be cooperative. Make your argument in front of the dude wearing the black robe. And don’t forget, you are 100% on film. Between dash cams, body microphones, store security systems and WorldStar feeds, you don’t want to go down down in history as the open carry equivalent of, “I’m a BATFE agent and the only person qualified to have a Glock 40…BAM!”


In summation. I support open carry even though I rarely do it. Why? Because if I don’t, the damn hippies will pass laws that will make it a crime to even accidentally flash or print your CCW equipment. And how long would it take before some socialist is using that as justification to take away my CCW permit? It’s coming. So keep up the good fight and represent me and my fellow Second Amendment supporters well. Make me proud. Don’t be the goat. We’ll get through this. And pretty soon, like minded prosectors will be putting swatters in jail on felonious assault charges. That’s coming too.





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