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Bolt on Rail Body for 1911

Recover Tactical 1911 Frame

Like many of you, I have seen stories about these bolt-on rail-body kits (Recover Tactical) for 1911s. I have never given them much mind. As a tried and true 1911 guy, I am impressed by the idea of yet another aftermarket product for a 100 year old design. The images you see here are of a model I found on display in some random gun store a while back.


Am I interested in one? No. Will I try one? Probably not. Is there a market for such a product? Realistically? In the United States? One needs to jump through quite a few scenarios & hoops to make the logic work: allowed one gun, can’t get approved for a new gun, need a light, don’t want or not allowed to modify existing frame. It is that twisted logic that drives a lot of the “weird” gun designs that come out of Europe for example.




But the good news. Seems well made. I assume it “works” and doesn’t induce any kind of malfunction? Allows for a light on a gun without modifying the existing frame. But SureFire came out with a bolt-on rail many years ago that does the same thing better — I have one. Model # MR07. This product does allow the user to texture the “grips”, so that is a plus. And if anyone is going to kick this over holster selection, I say hogwash. There are more custom-kitchen-kydex makers than you can shake a stick at.


The only kick I can actually say about it is the girth. I have larger / longer hands. If you are a slender handed shooter, this is a no-go. Don’t even try.  But if you have a old unused 1911, and want to see what you can do with it? This item has a high fiddle-factor. And who doesn’t like that?


Fun toy.





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