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A Problem Looking For A Solution

Zeiss LRP S3 Scope
Mounting a Zeiss LRP S3 on an Ed Brown Rifle.

A Problem Looking For A Solution – Zeiss LRP S3

Or the question could be, “A solution looking for a problem”.  Either way, it sometimes is not a bad dilemma to have.  In my travels this fall I stumbled across a Ed Brown Custom A3 Tactical.  I did not even know Ed Brown had made rifles but some quick Google Fu showed they were made in various forms for a few years.  I grabbed this rifle up since it was in 300WM (and I am kind of a 30 cal whore) but being honest, it has sat, waiting for the right scope to top it off.

This is where Zeiss enters the game.  I started seeing ads for the LRP S3 about a month before they hit the shelves.  I resisted the urge to grab one up until I actually handled one, but once I did, it sure felt like the perfect fit for the Ed Brown.  One thing Ed Brown did was use 8-40 base screws.  This helps secure the base on big recoil rifles, but aren’t exactly plentiful at small local gun shops.  A quick search online and problem solved. 

The next chapter in this story will be the pairing of Ed Brown and Carl Zeiss.





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