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AIWB 1911 Safety

AIWB and the 1911 Safety. Keepers concealment.
AIWB and the 1911 Safety. Keepers concealment.

I have heard about holsters that would activate the 1911 safety should the user forget. We might even have some somewhere. But it was a pleasant surprise to find the Keeper’s Concealment AIWB holster has this feature. 

No. I don’t depend on it. But it’s nice to know it’s there. Additionally one of the kicks against ambi-safeties on 1911s is the propensity for the outboard lever to get knocked off. 

I would think this holster design would keep that from happening as well. Since I wasn’t aware of this feature before hand, I feel like I got extra. 

Like maybe a little kid who gets his first Happy Meal and discovers there are toys too!!!

Good times! 






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