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Attempted Gun Theft at Airport?

TSA Gun case Break-in.
This looks like pry marks to me.

I have been sitting on this story for a few little bit. First of off, I am not 100% sure about it. And two, I didn’t want to toss accusations against any particular airport or city without all the facts. 

However, I have noticed that my TSA pistol case seems to have external damage. And not only that, but actual pry-damage. 

My gun wasn’t stolen. And the locks weren’t broken. So either someone “tried” to get into the box? Or maybe TSA was checking to see if it really would hold? It is an old box. 

Don’t know why that would even be a thing? But I’m guessing here. Wildly. 

There are weird straight-line marks on the box. There is definite deformation around one seam. And there might even be the remnants of concrete on the outside finish. 


What say you? I haven’t seen anything like this in close to 30 years of flying with weapons. 






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