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All 1911’s Should Be 9mm

All 1911s should be 9mm
All 1911s should be 9mm

I get asked versions of this question every so often:

“Are 9mm 1911’s ok?”

“Yeah, but it’s only in 9mm.”

“Which caliber of 1911 should I get first?”

My answer is as follows. For serious work. For CCW. To run and gun. To try to go somewhere and be something with a 1911? Get the 9mm. 

In the bad old days, 9mm 1911s were dumpster fires. I know. I was there. Got hosed on them personally. 

Today with ramped barrels, better magazines (Credit to Wilson Combat), better ejectors, better springs and realistic lug and rail designs; the 9mm 1911 is a monster pistol. 

Double-stack. Single stack. Steel or alloy. Don’t care. As long as it doesn’t have the words, “3 Inch, Micro, Compact, Sub-compact, Pocket, etc”, it’ll be ok. 

You get what you pay for in 1911s. Unfortunately for your wallet. Buy up, don’t go cheap. As for slide size, I recommend a 5”. Some might suggest 4.25”. That’s cool. I’m ride or die at 5”. Make of that what you will. 

Final observation: An all steel, single stack, 5”, 9mm 1911 is a level of cheating that has to be experienced to be believed. Flat shooting and low perceived recoil makes that combo a bullet hose. 

Save the 45 caliber 1911 as a collectable or backup to your 9mm. 






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