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Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.
Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.

Outtake from a range session this weekend. 

It’s goofy. 

It’s short.

And most of you it will be lost on. 

However…I thought it was a good opportunity to make a point. Especially for the less experienced shooters. We all want perfection. We all want it done right. We all want it to go off without a hitch: The grip, the support hand, the draw, the posture, the shoulders, the reload, tracking the sights, etc, etc, etc…

However…once you have mastered “perfect” don’t miss an opportunity to chase, “Oh fuck…”. That way when Mr. O.F. shows up in real life? You might still be able to pull it off?

Or at least psychologically know it’s not unfamiliar country. 






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